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Starting in early 1999 and founded in 2000, Ignite Software is dedicated to bringing you the best Add-on software available for America Online and AOL Instant Messenger.  Feel free to browse, download and enjoy the fine products available to enhance your online experience, only from Ignite Software.
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Parent Tools - The Ultimate Tool in Monitoring and Controlling AIM

Updated!  New Version 2.5 - Download Free Trial



Ignite Software News...

  • Long Overdue Update  [10-6-2006]
    Just thought I'd update with some news and upcoming events.  For news on our actively developed software products, visit the Parent Tools news page.

    The Past
    With the release of AIM Triton,
    Extreme Messenger has become obsolete.  However it still works GREAT with older versions of AIM.  For those of you that don't like the bloat and slowness of AIM Triton/6.0, you can download AIM 5.x versions here: oldversion.com.  We recommend anything from AIM 5.1 on up for use with Extreme Messenger.

    Our classic AOL products, Eclipse Fader and Extreme IMs are no longer being supported.  We'll keep the downloads and the ability to purchase available, but there will be no future updates to the programs.  Eclipse Fader still works in AOL chat rooms, for those of you that are curious.  Since these products were released in 2000 and 2001 respectively, AOL itself has gone through many changes, and from the looks of it, AOL will be phasing out it's software package for a web based solution.

    The Present
    Since it's original release in June 2003, Parent Tools has become our flagship product, and is
    fully supported at the product website, www.Parent-Tools.com

    The (Mysterious?) Future
    There is a lot of activity behind the scenes on a daily basis, as two new products are being actively developed for release.  The first one will (hopefully) be out before the end of the year, with the second product following sometime in 2007.  There's lots of reason to be excited about the upcoming products, but I can't say just yet what they'll be capable of.  Suffice it to say, both products are bigger than anything Ignite Software has released before.


  • Parent Tools Web Site Updated!  [9-13-2005]
    The Parent-Tools.com web site has received a MAJOR overhaul.  Please tell us what you think of the new look!


  • Parent Tools for Yahoo! Messenger Officially Released!!  [4-29-2005]
    We have released
    Parent Tools for Yahoo! Messenger to the general public, including all of the features you've come to expect from a Parent Tools product.  You can download the full release here, and be sure to check out www.Parent-Tools.com for more information, Feature Lists, and Screen Shots.


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Extreme Messenger - Add style, power, usability, and fun to AIM!


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Extreme IMs - Give your AOL IMs some power and personality!

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Eclipse Fader - Enhance your AOL chat and e-mails with some color!

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